Transaction Management Services

Stay on track. Simplify communications. Gain peace of mind.

Our services are designed to fit completely with the needs of each Florida agent we work with. We will manage and coordinate your commercial or residential file from purchase and sale agreement through closing.

We want to be an extension of your business and an intricate part of your success. Whether you represent the Seller, Buyer, or both, your Transaction Coordinators always perform a rigorous quality control process. We know your time is valuable and we want you to be able to leverage your time where it is best spent… with clients.


Fully Executed Documents

The TC Advantage means not only making sure that all contract documents are fully executed, but also collecting any missing signatures, initials or additional details to complete the file. With The TC Advantage, you can rest easy knowing that every “t” is crossed and every “i” is dotted.


Time Frames & Deadlines

Part of having The TC Advantage is knowing that during your transaction, you will be notified of deadlines and necesary time frames at the begining of escrow, before they are due and when they have become past due. On the Listing Side, Contingency Removals are sent out the day before they are due.


Source of Contact

There are many parties involved in a transaction and everyone always needs something. Using The TC Advantage means you no longer have to be the source of every request and document from escrow, the lender, the other agent, the appraiser, your client, your client’s friend-that-used-to-be-an-agent, etc.


DRE & Broker Compliance

Does your broker have a checklist that seems miles long? Are you your own broker without a standard checklist? The TC Advantage means making sure every file satisfies the most picky broker and protects even the most relaxed one. Make sure you get paid on time by turning in a complete and compliant file.


Leverage Your Time

The average agent spends up to 30 hours on every file, leaving no time to lead generate, show properties or make more money. When you use The TC Advantage in your business, those 30 hours become yours again to spend on all those activities that bring in more transactions and grow your business!


Online File Storage

Along with excellent customer service and a broker compliant file, every transaction includes a secure log in and password for you and your client to access all of their transactions and paperwork 24/7. Need to see that old inspection report but can’t find the file? Just log in and download what you need for up to 7 years after closing!

Real Estate Paperwork

You can count on Real Estate Paper Pushers to handle all your files with care. Our Florida Transaction Coordinators have years of experience.

Successful Closings

No one gets paid if the transaction does not close. Count on us for a successful closing with all the paperwork done right the first time.

Contract Transaction Coordinators

It is scary to think of letting go, but it is essential in order for you to grow your business. You will love the level of service we bring to the closing table.

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